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Making Indian Food Accessible

Posted in Uncategorized by R @ Learning As I Chop on August 10, 2010

Last night’s cooking  plans were abandoned due to laundry, so I thought I’d use this opportunity to talk about another one of my favorite cooking shows: The Next Food Network Star.

Like Master Chef, The Next Food Network Star is about giving a professional opportunity to home-chefs. Love it! H and I watch the show pretty regularly, and definitely have our favorites.  Hands down, I’m rooting for Aarti. Indian food has always eluded me – in the past I’ve found it way too spicy – but she makes it look so appetizing that I was persuaded to give it another go. Well, H and I went for Indian dinner last weekend and I loved it. Not only did I love it, I am now inspired to make some on my own. Aarti has lots of recipes on her website and I’m putting them on my list. First up? Samosas.


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  1. Carrie (Love Healthy Living) said, on August 13, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    I love Aarti, too!!!

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