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Better Batter

Posted in Baking/Cooking by R @ Learning As I Chop on September 21, 2010

Ever since H saw this product on tv,  he’s wanted to try it

I’ll admit it – the snob in me was a hater from the start. Batter from can? That you shake and spray? Where was the wholewheat flour? The organic blueberries? The grass-fed milk? No way could this be good. H tried to sell me on “it says organic,” but I was still a nay-sayer. I was relieved when we couldn’t find it in the stores. However once we learned through their website that this product could be purchased in Whole Foods (next to the eggs of all things), I knew the day would come. So when H heard I was going to be a near a WF,  I somehow returned home with not one but two cans. I’ll let you guess what we had for dinner that night

These pancakes were actually pretty fun. No bowls to clean, no flour to whisk and ready in about 5 minutes.  I ate mine with a nice peach and some macadamia butter. Looks more like a crepe than a flapjack, me thinks

Do these take the place of my tried-and-true pancake-from-scratch recipe? No. Are they an easy and fun dinner? Yes. But I’m still not fooled by the organic label. Give me a break.


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