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A Christmas Miracle!

Posted in Baking/Cooking by R @ Learning As I Chop on December 25, 2010

Happy Xmas LAIC Readers! Though H and I don’t technically celebrate Christmas, we do have some of our own traditions. Here’s one. Can you guess what it is?

I also like to make a yummy breakfast on Xmas morning, and this year decided to try something new. Since I had cranberries to finish, I thought I’d find a special recipe for this special occasion. My usual go-to (Epicurious) was down, so I went to my new second favorite – Smitten Kitchen – and found these scones. They looked delicious, and scones on Xmas morning sounded perfect, so I committed to them and bought the ingredients I needed.

This morning I realized that I’d be re-facing an old foe – homemade dough. However this time I was determined not to let him win. Things were going well

After last time’s mess, I was adament about preventing goop and creating sand.  I think I succeeded. However the third picture shows a mistake – I beat the eggs after joining them with the cream. Somehow I didn’t think that’d be fatal. Once I added the wet to dry, I floured my surface and got to work. Then I was re-acquainted with an old friend

Can you see the goop? What am I doing wrong? The butter was cold, I didn’t overprocess and I added wet to dry. What is it? Was it at the eggs? I’m really at a loss. In fact, a baking class might be in order. Nevertheless, I used what I had and forged ahead. The scones went into the oven and I said a little prayer. And then a Christmas miracle ensued

According to H, these scones were the best he’s ever had – tasty, moist and light. However they are are not for the lemon faint of heart. While the scones cooled, I attempted to make whipped cream. The store had no more heavy cream yesterday, so I purchased light. Let me tell you, whipping “light cream” is an exercise in futility. Do not do it.

Regardless, we enjoyed our scones with some hot beverages and the warmth of our “fire.” Merry Christmas to all and enjoy!


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