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Red Lion Pie

Posted in Baking/Cooking by R @ Learning As I Chop on January 7, 2011

The Berkshires are a special place for H and me. We’ve been going there together for a few years and always have a good time. So when we decided to do a small “mini-moon” after our wedding, and do a larger one a few months later, we knew where we ‘d go.  A place where we could relax, spend time in nature and eat well. But which hotel? That was also a no-brainer – The Red Lion Inn.  After a few peaceful days, we prepared to head back to the city and were given this great parting gift (the cookbook above), complete with a personalized note that is now in my keep-sake box.

The Red Lion Inn has been around for a while, and is known for its comforting foods. So when I was looking for something different for dinner, I decided potpie. This one has a few twists.  A usual potpie includes peas and carrots, while this one skips the peas and invites parsnips instead.  Also, rather than serving the dish in a crust-topped pie, this one calls for puff-pastry. Workings of my pie

As you can see, per H’s request, we skipped the parsnips and substituted peas.  I was also excited to use sage again. Once I arranged the bottom, I prepared the top layer. I’ve never used puff-pastry before and was a little trepidatious. Especially once it started sinking into the pie.

Not really sure if that’s how it’s supposed to go. Nevertheless, the “pie” went into the oven and came out delicious. We ate ours in a bowl and enjoyed. However not sure how well this worked for leftovers. This might be a one-night kind of meal. You wouldn’t think, right?

Anyway, looking forward to creating more dishes from this cookbook. Definitely good for someone looking for traditional foods with a twist. Enjoy!



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