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A One Pot Meal

Posted in Baking/Cooking, Tips by R @ Learning As I Chop on March 14, 2011

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but H and I don’t have a dishwasher. So even though I love to cook, and spend a nice amount of time in my kitchen, this hobby is often overshadowed by the fact that I hate doing dishes. In fact, let’s be honest – not only do I hate doing dishes, but I’m also pretty bad at them. Ask H – he’ll tell you. So whenever I’m given the opportunity to create  a delicious meal, sans a stack of dishes, I’m game. For instance – Mark Bittman’s arroz con pollo. Below is another wonderful gift from J.

Since I really enjoy this dish, I’ve already made it twice. The first time, I chickened-out and cooked the rice in a separate pot, even though the recipe never suggests this route. The following time, I cooked everything together and it was a hit. This dish is also fun because you can choose your own versions of ingredients. Don’t like pinto beans? Use black ones. Want to be healthier? Use brown rice. We like using this rice. I’m not a huge rice person (I know, I know) but this stuff is great. (No, I don’t get paid to endorse products on LAIC.)

Here’s the pot from the first time I tried it. I wound-up throwing the cooked rice into the dutch oven, which led to a soggy, albeit tasty, dish. I learned the second time around.

And the second:

As you can see from the pictures, side dishes are optional and also exchangeable. The first time, I paired this main with simple slices of fresh tomato and avocado. A salad was made for the second version. Either way, if you don’t have this Bittman cookbook, google “one pot chicken, rice and beans” and I’m sure you’ll find tons of options. Especially recommended my dishwasher-less friends. Enjoy!


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