Learning As I Chop

LAIC’s Food Philosophy

I promised myself, for various reasons, that this blog would not evolve into one about dieting. My last post, however, made me realize that it would be helpful to spend a few minutes discussing my food philosophy and journey. So here we go…

Like many women, I’ve spent way too much time and effort on diets. Some worked, others didn’t. Regardless, I mostly maintained a “happy weight” until H and I moved in together. After a few months of domestic bliss, I gained, what Christina Aguilera calls, the “love chub.” Happiness, love and comfort manifested itself into an extra ten pounds on my frame. As I was willing to trade a size six for good fortune, I made peace with this change. Until we set our wedding date. A normal bride, I wanted to look my best. I therefore set out to find a magic fix. Something  that would melt the pounds away and easily fold into my busy schedule. I found it the Paleo diet. For two months, I followed this diet and eventually lost the weight in time for the big day.

Then normal life resumed. Though it worked, I eventually realized that the Paleo diet wasn’t right for me. Some of it made no sense to me – how could beans and chickpeas possibly be a bad thing? While other parts screamed misery. I realized a life without bread, pasta and baked goods is not a life I wanted to live. So I began my quest for balance. After scanning my memories, I recalled my time in France. I’ve often assumed people there are generally thinner because the portions are smaller and preservative-free.  This led to the purchase of French Women Don’t Get Fat. A quick read, I learned a few small tweaks could lead to less dieting and more living. The French word for diet is “regime.” To me, this word feels friendlier than diet. Regime sounds like a plan you naturally incorporate into your everyday life; it’s something you “do” without much thought or stress. A diet sounds like a punishment. A program that includes suffering through elimination and restriction.  Or maybe those are just my associations. Without giving too much away, French Woman Don’t Get Fat inspired me to make some changes. You’ll see them reflected in this blog.

a)      Make the farmers market your friend. Buy in season when possible.

b)      A little bit of the real thing (full-fat milk, butter, dessert) is much better than a lot of junk (fat-free desserts, artificial sweeteners etc)

c)       Quality products + smart use of seasonings = tasty and satisfying food

d)      There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the art of eating, especially dessert

I’ll leave you with those thoughts. A tout a l’heure!


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